Founder & CEO


Dr. Senthill Mohan

With several years of experience in the field of medicine, Dr. S. Senthill Mohan has established himself at the forefront of the GTA’s healthcare sector.


In Canada he served as an Emergency Physician for 14 years, after working in Cardiology for a year.


Dr. Mohan has travelled extensively, working in corporate hospitals & teaching hospitals internationally. He has used his vast experience and knowledge to coordinate with various US-accredited hospitals globally to help international patients obtain excellent medical care.


Dr. Senthill Mohan’s experience of working alongside some of the world’s finest physicians as well as his exposure to US-accredited corporate hospitals inspired him to establish ‘Medcentre Connect’, a company which focuses on establishing state-of-the-art medical facilities to provide excellent ‘one-stop’ healthcare across the GTA since 2012.


He has previously developed two multi-specialty medical centres in Toronto, which provide family physician care, urgent care / walk-in care, specialist care, pharmacy, physiotherapy/massage therapy/chiropractic care, dental care, optometry / optical services, lab services (for our patients) and X-Ray / ultrasound services.


He is currently developing other projects including digitalizing the healthcare and providing virtual healthcare for patients and taking steps to provide excellent integrated healthcare in the GTA.


Dr. Senthill Mohan has created an excellent multicultural professional team consisting of specialists, urgent care physicians, family physicians, virtual healthcare associates, clinical assistants, nurses, and laboratory technicians, and management associates.


Dr. Senthill Mohan and his professional team have been operating as ‘MEDCENTRE HEALTH’ since November 15, 2019, to provide excellent integrated healthcare for people in need, from all walks of life.


As digital health is becoming an essential part of future healthcare, Dr. Senthill Mohan has started implementing digital health in his medical clinics since May 06, 2021.

Our Founder & CEO Dr. Senthill Mohan has been selected by "The CEO Publication" as one of the
“Top 20 Dynamic CEO’s in 2021, Canada” and appeared in their cover page of November 2021 issue, Canada Edition.

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