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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How is my information kept confidential?

    All of the information you provided is fully confidential. If you want your information to be disclosed to a family member or someone, you need to provide a written permission or bring them with you to the clinic.

    We would need your written consent if you request your records sent to your family doctor. There will be charges for this request.

  • I do not have a Health Card (OHIP) - can I still see a doctor?

    You may see a doctor and receive medical treatment.

    Please indicate during your registration if you have private insurance or self-pay.

  • Do you do vaccinations for children?

    Yes, we have available vaccines for children.

    Please call the clinic to ask for the availability of the vaccine your child needs

  • Are you able to renew prescriptions via phone or fax?

    We are unable to renew prescriptions via fax or phone. However, you can visit any of our clinics, and a doctor will be there to help you.

  • How I can I book an Appointment for a doctor in Walk-In Clinic / Urgent Care Centre (MMUCC)?

    You can book an appointment with your preferred physician in two ways:

    (1) You can book same day appointment through our website (online) from 12 am everyday – Very easy to book.

    This will cut short your waiting time. Once you get your appointment time, you don’t need to wait in line with walk-in patients who just walk-in without appointment.

    (2) Patients who walk-in without booking, can self-register for a walk-In appointment.

    You have to wait for your order with other walk-In patients, who don’t have a booked appointment.

  • What is Urgent Care?

    People who have unexpected but non-life-threatening health concerns that usually require same-day treatment. 

    Examples of Urgent Care conditions include Injuries, sprains, lacerations, throbbing pain from any abscess, Migraine headache, Severe Ear pain, Red Eye, minor burns, Asthma, severe pain & various infections. 

    For any Life-threatening conditions like Chest pain, Fainting attack (Loss of Consciousness), Shortness of Breath, Seizure or Loss of limb function (any stroke sign) you should call 911 and go to Emergency. 

  • If I need to see a doctor urgently, can I be prioritized in the Walk-In Clinic?

    For emergency situations, the walk-in clinic is not the best place to go to. Please call 911 or proceed to the emergency department of the hospital nearest you.

    Only urgent situations which are not life-threatening can be seen in our clinic. But we cannot prioritise your order of waiting, unless you are bleeding significantly or having severe symptoms.

    But while you are waiting in our clinic, if your condition becomes serious, you have to immediately inform the Nurse (inside the clinic) and our doctors will take the necessary steps.

  • I like a specific doctor in your Walk-In Clinic, may I make him/her my family doctor?

    We are glad your doctor was able to help you the way you wanted.

    We will continue to serve you as your preferred "Rapid Access Clinic", however, none of our doctors do family practice (even though all of them are certified to practice in Family Medicine).

  • I want to see the doctor I saw in the past at the Walk-In Clinic, what is her/his schedule?

    Our doctors work on specific days, specific clinic and times. Please call the clinic to ask about the doctors’ schedule.

    But, please bear in mind that our regular schedule may change without prior notice due to personal emergencies or unavoidable circumstances.

  • Do you do TB testing and how much do you charge for it?

    Yes we do TB testing for school or for employment purposes.

    All the detalis given in this page below. Still want to verify, call the clinic (416-609-3333).

  • What payment methods do you offer for your private patients (patients without Health Card) or for any patient’s Uninsured services?
    • Credit Cards: Mastercard & Visa Card
    • Debit Card
  • How long we have to wait to get an appointment with your Dermatologist in your Skin Cancer Clinic / Skin Clinic?
    • Every effort will be taken to book an appointment within 2 weeks.
    • Any urgent referral we try our best to book an appointment within a week.
  • How I can book an Appointment for the Dermatologist (Skin Specialist) at the Skin Cancer Clinic / Skin Clinic (MMDC)?

    You can book an appointment with our Dermatologist in two ways:

    (1) If you have a Referral from your Family Physician, Walk-In doctor or any other doctor, they can fax the request (416-331-8889) or send the request electronically.

    (2) If you couldn’t get a referral, because you don’t have a Family Doctor or unable to see a doctor, then you can book an appointment with our Walk-In Clinic / Urgent care ( and get a referral to see our Skin Specialist.

  • What is a Women’s Health Clinic and how it is different from other clinics?

    Women doctors and staff will address the issues or concerns of women with extreme confidentiality in a women-friendly environment. 

    Extremely confidential, contraception issues or Sexually Transmitted infections/disease (STD) concerns can be discussed with a young Canadian Female doctor and get treatment/help without any bias.

  • How I can book an Appointment for the Women’s Health Care doctor in Women’s Health Clinic (MMWHC)?

    You can book an appointment (within a week) with your preferred physician in two ways:

    (1) You get a referral from your family doctor, walk-in clinic doctor or any other doctor, they can Fax (416-331-8089) or send electronically.

    (2) If you don’t have any doctor’s referral, still you can call the clinic (416-331-8888) or visit the Clinic (Unit -7, 2901 Markham Road) and get an appointment.

  • If I live in the province of Québec or I am from another Canadian province, can your clinic care for me?

    We welcomes all patients regardless of their province or country of residence. If you do not have coverage under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), you will be required to pay for the services you require.

  • Insured & Uninsured Services

    There is a Fee for the Services which are not covered by OHIP (with Health Card).

    * Our fees (Prices) for uninsured services are either equal or less than the OMA recommendation.

    * If the services are not covered by OHIP and the OMA doesn’t specify the recommended fee, then our fees are either equal or less than most of the similar clinics.

    NON – OHIP (Without Healthcard)
    Uninsured Services:

    OHIP (With Healthcard)

    Insured Services:

    $100.00Appointment / ConsultationFree
    $70.00Follow-Up VisitFree
    $10.00Phlebotomy (with doctor visit)Free
    $15.00Rapid Strep Test (rst)Free
    $100.00Dressing Change / Suture RemovalFree
    $5.00Urine DipstickFree
    $10.00IM, IV, SQ InjectionsFree
    $200.00Sutures / Staples / I&DFree
    $5.00Blood Glucose checkFree
    $10.00Pregnancy Test (BhCG)Free
    Insured With Conditions:
    $30.00TB Injection OnlyFree (for school)
    $20.00TB Reading OnlyFree (for school)
    $30.00Liquid Nitrogen / HistofreezeFree (plantar / genitals / kids under 15 years)
    $30.00Ear FlushFree (if advised by a Physician)
    Uninsured Services:
    $20.00Sick Note / Back to work$20.00
    $30.00School / College / University Note$30.00
    $30.00Immunization / Placement Form$30.00
    $30.00TTC Sick Form$30.00
    $20.00Notes for insurance coverage$20.00
    $200.00Driver’s Medical Examination$200.00
    $40.00Attending Physician’s Statement (short)$40.00
    $30.00Administrative Fee$30.00
    $70.00Review Chart by a Medical Professional$70.00
    $1.00Medical Report Copies (per page)$1.00
    $30.00Medical Report Copies (over 20 pages)$30.00
    $0.25Medical Report Copies (each page after 20)$0.25
    $30.00Sick Leave Letter$30.00
    $50.00Insurance Form (long)$50.00
    $35.00Insurance Form (short)$35.00
    $35.00Health Record Transfer$35.00

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