Markham McNicoll Women's Health Clinic (MMWHC)



  • Women doctors and staff will address the issues or concerns of women with extreme confidentiality in a women-friendly environment.
  • Multicultural professional team which respects the diversity
  • In-Person Care 


  • Health card (OHIP) accepted
  • Fees apply for services not covered by OHIP
  • Patients without a Health card can consult for a fee ·


  • Pap Test (Pap smear test)
  • Contraception related consultation
  • Intra uterine device (IUD) insertion or removal
  • Testing & treating sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Various women related concerns.

     Operating Hours:

  • Clinic office opens all weekdays for booking
  • Clinic operates on Mondays & Thursdays: 10am-4pm


  • Referral accepted from any doctor (Family doctor,Walk-In doctor or specialist doctor)
  • Any patient can book their own appointment (By calling 416-331-8888 or visiting the clinic)


Did You Know That Our In-person & Virtual Care:


All in-person and virtual visits such as telephone and video appointments are FREE and 100% covered by OHIP for residents of Ontario

Non-OHIP Patients & Private Insurance

For non-OHIP patients, our Urgent Care and Virtual Clinic accept private insurance from: Guard Me, Study Insured, Morcare, Blue Cross (IFH) and UHIP.

Please call 416-609-3333 for further information