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Insured & Uninsured Services

There is a Fee for the Services which are not covered by OHIP (with Health Card).
* Our fees (Prices) for uninsured services are either equal or less than the OMA recommendation.
* If the services are not covered by OHIP and the OMA doesn’t specify the recommended fee, then our fees are either equal or less than most of the similar clinics.
NON – OHIP (Without Healthcard)
Uninsured Services:

OHIP (With Healthcard)

Insured Services:

$100.00Appointment / ConsultationFree
$70.00Follow-Up VisitFree
$10.00Phlebotomy (with doctor visit)Free
$15.00Rapid Strep Test (rst)Free
$100.00Dressing Change / Suture RemovalFree
$5.00Urine DipstickFree
$10.00IM, IV, SQ InjectionsFree
$200.00Sutures / Staples / I&DFree
$5.00Blood Glucose checkFree
$10.00Pregnancy Test (BhCG)Free
Insured With Conditions:
$30.00TB Injection OnlyFree (for school)
$20.00TB Reading OnlyFree (for school)
$30.00Liquid Nitrogen / HistofreezeFree (plantar / genitals / kids under 15 years)
$30.00Ear FlushFree (if advised by a Physician)
Uninsured Services:
$20.00Sick Note / Back to work$20.00
$30.00School / College / University Note$30.00
$30.00Immunization / Placement Form$30.00
$30.00TTC Sick Form$30.00
$20.00Notes for insurance coverage$20.00
$200.00Driver’s Medical Examination$200.00
$40.00Attending Physician’s Statement (short)$40.00
$30.00Administrative Fee$30.00
$70.00Review Chart by a Medical Professional$70.00
$1.00Medical Report Copies (per page)$1.00
$30.00Medical Report Copies (over 20 pages)$30.00
$0.25Medical Report Copies (each page after 20)$0.25
$30.00Sick Leave Letter$30.00
$50.00Insurance Form (long)$50.00
$35.00Insurance Form (short)$35.00
$35.00Health Record Transfer$35.00

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