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Our Vision

To create an unparalleled healthcare experience that focuses on the individual

Our Mission

To improve the healthcare sector by creating healthier environments

Our Values

               Excellence                               Empathy                  Ethical Care

Our services


Markham McNicoll Virtual Care Clinic (MMVCC)

  • Virtual care (Phone/ Video) consultation only
  • Any Ontario Resident can consult
  • Healthcard (OHIP) accepted
  • Patients without Health card can consult with a fees
  •  Same Day online Appointment Booking through our website
  • Tel:  416-297-7777
  • Operates Daily

Markham McNicoll Urgent Care Centre (MMUCC)

  • Rated as the Best Walk-In clinic on multiple occasions
  • In-person and virtual care
  • Same day online Appointment booking through our website
  • For non-registered patients,‘Self-registration Kiosk’ at the clinic
  • Tel: 416-609-3333
  • Weekdays- Monday- Friday: 9am-9pm
  • Weekends – Saturday & Sunday: 9am-7pm
  • Statutory holidays: 9am-7pm

Markham McNicoll Family Care Clinic (MMFCC)

  • • In-Person Care and Virtual Care
    Tel: 416-292-6666
    Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 9am-5pm
    • Tuesday: 1pm-8pm
    • Friday & Saturday: 9am-1pm
    • Sundays & holidays: closed



Markham McNicoll Specialist Clinic (MMSC)

  •  In-Person Care 
  • Tel: 416-331-8888
  • Dermatology (Skin) clinic- Tuesday & Friday: 9pm-5pm
  • Weekends & holidays: closed
  • Referral accepted from any Family doctor or Walk-In doctor


Did You Know That Our In-person & Virtual Care:


All in-person and virtual visits such as telephone and video appointments are FREE and 100% covered by OHIP for residents of Ontario

Non-OHIP Patients & Private Insurance

For non-OHIP patients, our Urgent Care and Virtual Clinic accept private insurance from: Guard Me, Study Insured, Morcare, Blue Cross (IFH) and UHIP.

Please call 416-609-3333 for further information

We Accept The Following Insurance Policies

*If you have private insurance, please bring/send us an official copy of your private insurance form(s)/card(s). Additionally, please ensure that you have a government-issued photo ID on hand for identification purposes. 

Our Urgent Care Centre has been rated as one of the top three walk-in medical clinics in Toronto for three consecutive years.

— Three Best Rated® Expert Recommendations

Our Founder & CEO Dr. Senthill Mohan has been selected by "The CEO Publication" as one of the “Top 20 Dynamic CEO’s in 2021, Canada” and appeared in their cover page of November 2021 issue, Canada Edition.

Other Services available at Markham McNicoll Medical Centre (MMMC)


If you are a primary care or a specialist physician and are interested in joining our excellent team, please contact our CEO.

Career Opportunities

If you are a nurse, lab technician, or a healthcare administrator  and are interested in joining our excellent team, please contact our HR team.

Healthcare Entrepreneurs

If you are a healthcare entrepreneur and are interested in partnering  with us or investing in our company, please contact our CEO. 

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