Medcentre Women's Health Care

Women’s Health Clinic

Your Trusted Partner in Women's Well-Being

Dr. Jasleen Kaur Grewal and our dedicated staff at Medcentre Health are committed to addressing women's issues and concerns with the utmost confidentiality in a welcoming and women-friendly environment. Our multicultural professional team embraces diversity, providing in-person care tailored to meet the unique health needs of every woman.


Preventive Women’s Health – Pap Test
All types of Contraception (Birth Control) Counselling
IUD / IUS Counselling, Insertion & Removal
Nexplanon Implant Counselling, Insertion & Removal
Vaginal discharge
Testing & treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Bacterial Vaginosis, Trichomonas, and Genital Wart
Various women-related medical concerns


Health card (OHIP) accepted
Fees apply for services not covered by OHIP
Patients without a Health card can consult for a fee

Operating Hours

Clinic office opens all weekdays for booking
Clinic operates now on Thursdays
Soon clinic will operate on Mondays as well


Referral accepted from any doctor (Family doctor, Walk-In doctor, or specialist doctor)
Any patient can book their own appointment (By calling 416-297-7777 or visiting the clinic)

Our Core Values

Medcentre Health has stood as a beacon of excellence in healthcare, touching the lives of millions. Our commitment extends beyond outstanding care and treatment; we strive to enhance outcomes through comprehensive medical research.

Women's Health Check-Ups

Consult with our experienced doctor at our women's health clinic. Book your appointment today for personalized check-ups.

Patient-Centric Support

Dedicated staff available during operating hours for expert assistance and patient-focused care.

Research-driven Women's Health

At the forefront of medical practice for families, our commitment to research ensures that we provide the latest advancements in women's health.

Women's Health Treatment

Inclusive care. Free or low-cost coverage for adults with limited income. Accessible medical treatment.

Committed To Build Positive, Safe, Patient Focused Culture.

Today the hospital is recognised as a renowned institution, not only providing outstanding care and treatment, our goal is to deliver quality care in a respectful and strive to be the first and best choice for healthcare.

High Quality Care

Virtual Care Assistance

All Advanced Equipment